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DNN Modules Source License
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DNN Modules Source License
DNN Modules Source License

This source license contains all source files used by DNN modules to develop our modules, including code in which we do not distribute.

The lines of code totals in excess of 500,000 lines of code that will be shipped on a monthly basis to you.

This license also will include any future updates to the source code including new DNN DAL providers for a period of 1 year. 

After the one year expires, you can renew for 25% of the purchase price.  This also comes with 5 hours per month of development support to assist you with reviewing and understanding the code that is delivered to you.

All modules are licensed per server as far as installation, including Email Manager.

The code is shipped monthly via DVD to you as it's well over 1GB in code and database pre-setup for development execution.  It also contains the project files and nant files necessary to rebuild all projects.  You will also have access to all downloads from our site.

Source code included that we do not normally give out includes:

  • BDPDT layers including BDPDT core and BDPDT UI components.
  • Email Manager complete source
  • Support Server Client and Server

This also includes all source for all our products and the ability to build them across DNN 2, 3 or 4. 

Please be prepared to sign an NDA prior to confirming the shipping of the first DVD.

Please note that this is NOT a commerical redistribution license.