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Site Track - Advanced SiteLog for DNN
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Site Track - Advanced SiteLog for DNN
Advanced SiteLog Replacement for DNN. Monitor your portal statistics like never before!

Gather real time performance data from your websites, including hits, visits, page duration, visit duration, geographic data, brower technical data from your visitors and analyze all your websites in one logical, graphical interface.

Advanced Site Monitor and Statistics gathering for your DNN Portal Environment.


  • Pipelined WebService Transaction Processing - a new technology developed by ByDesigns for driving webservice transactions in busy portal environments. Virtually no slow down in performance, and far superior than “fire and forget“ webservice transactions. Fire and Forget webservices, still according to Microsoft hold a handle to the asynschronous return event, thus tying up a thread while the webservice is processing. The more threads that things use outside of your users accessing the website, the slower your site can effeciently operate. ByDesign's Pipelined webservices remove that barrier and provide the fastest possible service to a remote webservice.
  • Search Engine and Directory Reporting - Report on search keywords by search engine or by keywords. See what keywords people are using to access and find your site with ease. Automatic parsing and extraction of keywords.
  • SiteTrack Client Skin Object - allows you to reduce the overhead by placing the object directly into your skin ascx file, or desktopdefault.ascx in DNN 1.x

Highly normalized database structures allowing for greater reporting capability, and greater detailed storage of information with far less space than the standard DNN SiteLog.

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  • Asynchronous logging of statistics - across multiple websites will not hamper your performance.
  • Advanced Information Collection - collect statistics based upon country of origin, language, browser capabilities.
  • Advanced Reporting - report on pages viewed, visits to your website, durations spent on a page, and much much more.
  • Quick Comparison - consolidate all your information and view your statistics quickly between websites.
  • Distributed Statistics - gather your statistics from different portals, servers and even countries into one view of information.
  • Advanced Report Views - view as graphics, and some reports have drill down nested datagrids to support drilling into your data.
  • Flexible Design - new reports can be added into the framework easily.
  • Easily Configurable - define new search engines, spiders, and directories - associate domain urls to roll up under one master domain url (ie: can rollup to

Report on your data by day, week or month across multiple portals or servers - quickly and seamlessly.

The reports include:

  • Summary Web Traffic Analysis - this report shows you a breakdown of your top pages, summary level information on your visitors and the technology that they use.
  • Country Demographics - This report shows you where your users come from.
  • Language Demographics - This report shows you what language your users use.
  • Technology - Browsers - This report shows you what browsers your users are using.
  • Technology - Operating Systems - This report shows you what operating systems your users are using.
  • Most Popular Pages - This report shows you a summary of your page activity.
  • Page Durations - This report shows you what pages were accessed, and what your most heavily read pages are.
  • Spider Crawling Report - This report shows you what spiders did on your site.
  • Domain Referrals - This report shows you what domains your users used to get to your site.
  • Domain URL's - This report shows you what domains your users used to get to your site.
  • User Activity  - This report details to you who your users are and what they did.
  • User Signons - This report shows you a summary of what your users did on your site.
  • Page Quality - This report shows you the quality of your website based upon how many pages users view when they visit your site.
  • Daily Page Views - This report shows you on a daily basis what happened on your website.
  • Spider Summary - This report shows you an overview of spiders that have come to your website.
  • Visit Durations - This report shows a summary breakdown of how much time visitors spend in your website.
  • Hourly Web Traffic - This report breaks down the page views and visits by hour to show you when your site is the busiest.
  • Web Traffic Summary - This report shows you an overview on your website traffic.
  • New! Search Engine and Directory Detail - this report shows you an overall summary of each search engine and directory and how users used each to access your site.
  • New! Search Engine Keywords - a breakdown for each keyword that was used to access your site from search engines.


For your viewing we have made available to you Screen Shots of SiteTrack:

SiteTrack Screen Shot #1

SiteTrack Screen Shot #2

SiteTrack Screen Shot #3

SiteTrack Screen Shot #4

Custom Module Package (PA)Yes
Database Compatibility:MS SQL Server
Platform:DNN versions 2.12 and above
Source:VB.NET Included