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Email Validator 1.0
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Email Validator 1.0
Validate your DNN user's Email's and warn them that their email is no longer valid. Works behind the scenes to make sure you have valid emails for your registered users...

ByDesignWebSight's newest module for E-Mail Management and DotNetNuke Portals.

Email Validator for DNN sits in your portal and automatically scans your registered user list for invalid E-Mail accounts. When a user that has a old and inactive E-Mail still assigned to their registration, logs on—they are prompted to change their E-Mail Address.

Why is this a good thing?
Well, if you haven't yet decided (and we really don't know why you haven't) to use Email Manager for your email newsletters to your user community—this helps prevent bounces and invalid emails being sent from your portal.  Also, if the user does not change their email address to a valid email address, if they ever forget their password, they can't get it unless they have a valid email account.

So you are actually providing a valued service to your membership by gently reminding them that their email address need to be updated.

How do we do this?
Simply put, we validate based upon the email address's domain, their MX (mail exchange) record, and then form a communication with the mail server to validate the email address.  If it fails, the error is recorded automatically.

All this processing happens in the background, and won't slow down your portal—your users won't know the difference!

Features of ByDesign's E-Mail Verification:

  • One process for all portals running underneath your DNN environment—does not overtax your server.
  • We spread large user communities and their verification over days and weeks (depending on the size of your user base) so that we spread out the load of validating everyone's E-Mail address.
  • Domain's and MX records are cached independantly so that subsequent or multiple queries to the same E-Mail domain are much quicker.
  • Admin has the ability to change the number of days between checking each E-Mail address, and the frequency in which we check E-Mails.
  • Admin can receive a report identifying all detected invalid e-mails.
  • Admin and the user have the ability to over-ride the detection in case of E-Mail address forwarding causing the validation to be inaccurate.
  • Also includes a custom validator control that can be placed in your user registration page (register.ascx) to provide email address verification during signup.
DatabasesSQL Server Only
DNN VersionsDNN versions 2.12 and above