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Templates for Email Manager Pro
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Templates for Email Manager
Create professional-looking email campaigns quickly and easily using templates and ByDesign's Advanced Email and News Manager...

Designing professional-looking emails is now easier than ever with this provider plug-in to ByDesign's Advanced Email and News Manager.

Template Content Provider allows you to design your own templates or download them from various template websites and use them to create your email campaigns.


  • Easy to install and use: Plugs in and works seamlessly with ByDesign's powerful email campaign management program.
  • Create Your Own Templates: Using Notepad or your favorite HTML editor, creating a template is as simple as creating a web page, inserting template fields where you want the user to enter data.
  • Easily Adapt Existing Templates: There are thousands of free templates available on the web. Simply add template fields to these files to make them work with Templates.
  • Specialized Template Fields Enable Flexibility: Special Template Fields allow you to prompt the user to enter special items using form controls they're already familiar with:
    • TEXTFIELD: Enables user to specify a single line of text.
    • TEXTAREA: Enables the user to enter multiple lines of text.
    • HTMLFIELD: Displays the FreeTextBox control to enable user to add HTML-formatted text.
    • IMAGEFIELD: Allows user to choose from the images available in the portal's upload directory.
    • HYPERLINK: Builds and inserts a hyperlink by prompting the user for the link text and link url.
  • Allows Dynamic Inclusion of User and Portal Info: Works with the default keyword renderer, enabling you to combine user-specific and portal-specific information in the template at run time.
  • BONUS: 5 complete templates are included with the package.
Email Manager Versions SupportedEmail Manager version 2.6 is supported and required.
Source InclusionThe source code is included with this version -- Templates for Email Manager Pro.