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SQL Query Provider
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SQL Query Provider for Email Manager
Create custom SQL queries to generate mailing lists based on your unique data...

Now you can have complete flexibility when determining which of your users to send emails to.

Our SQL Query Provider for Advanced Email and News Manager allows you to easily create mailing lists of users based on any criteria you can specify in a query.

Let's say you run an price comparison site and you created or purchased a survey module for your DNN site to help you determine what your users are interested in. Today, you discover that Apple is blowing out iPods at an unbelievable price. You want to send an email to all those people who've responded that their favorite MP3 player is an iPod to let them know about this terrific price. But how? 

Unless your survey module has built-in targeted email functions, you're out of luck... But you've purchased our SQL Query Provider.

All you have to do is create a query that retrieves all the registered users who's answer to the MP3 player question is LIKE 'iPod'. Within a matter of moments, all those users are added to a mailing list ready to receive your email.

Having the ability to select users based on your own criteria may seem simple, but it gives you tremendous flexibility and power to create ad-hoc lists of users, tailored to the data in your database.


  • Partial Query Mode: This mode enables Admins to easily specify just the “WHERE” clause of a query.
  • Full Query Mode: This mode is enabled for Host's and enables you to specify a full SELECT query.
  • Portal-restricted Results: Returned users are restricted to the current portal so that Admins in one portal cannot email to users of another portal.
  • Prevention Against Dangerous SQL: The module provides basic safeguards against inadvertent or deliberately malicious SQL commands like ALTER, DELETE, etc. Complete source code is provided so you can modify the safeguards to fit your needs.
Database RequirementsRequires SQL Server.
DNN CompatibilityDNN versions 2.12 and above
Supported Email Manager VersionEmail Manager version 2.6 is supported and required.