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DNN Module Renderer for Email Manager
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DNN Module Renderer for Email Manager
Leverage the content of your DotNetNuke site by including DNN modules in your email campaigns...

The DNN Module Renderer represents a leap forward in your ability to customize the content of your email campaigns easily by using the existing content of your DotNetNuke site.

Until now, it's been difficult to use the content of your website in your email campaigns because there's such a variety of modules. “Shadowing” or scraping the output of the modules usually results in content that isn't formatted well for emails and many modules simply can't be injected into emails as-is.

Our DNN Module Renderer enables you to create your own plug-ins or use 3rd party plug-ins to inject module content into your emails in a simple and efficient manner. Using our plug-in architecture, you can quickly create a module provider that grabs data directly from the database and formats it in whatever way you need. All you have to do is place “keywords” in your email that are replaced by the module content when the email is sent.

  • Easy to use and install: Plugs-in and works seamlessly with Advanced Email and News Manager 2.6
  • Easy Positioning and Formatting: Keyword allow you to place module content anywhere in your email by simply adding its keyword. Put one module in one table cell, add another one in another cell;
  • Use Multiple Modules in a single email.
  • Open architecture: Allows 3rd party developers to create plug-ins to enable use of DNN module content. Plus, creating your own custom plug-ins for your custom modules is easy - just implement 1 property and 1 function.
  • Includes Text/HTML Module Provider
  • NEW FOR EMAIL MANAGER 2.6 - Now includes FAQ, Contacts and Announcement Providers.
  • Source for the Text/HTML Module Provider is included: Use our source code to modify the Text/HTML provider, as a base for different modules, and to learn how to create your own module provider.

Main Screen: Select the module provider you want, choose 1 or more modules that provider handles and include the provided keywords in your email content (see Content Editor View)

Content Editor View: shows an example of using keywords to include the content from 2 different HTML modules. The red keyword also shows how you can easily format an entire module (see the Preview View).

Preview View: Here's a preview of the sample email.

Email View: Here's what the sample email looks like when the user receives it in his/her inbox.

Requirements and System Information:

  • Advanced Email and News Manager 2.6
  • Works with DNN1.x, DNN2.x and DNN3.x versions of Advanced Email and News Manager
  • Source code for the included Text/HTML DNN Module provider is included.
  • Source code for the DNN Module Renderer is now provided.