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Email Schedule Provider w/ Source
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Email Scheduler for Email Manager
Create advanced recurring schedules for sending email using ByDesign's Advanced Email & News Manager 2.0+ ...

Gain the ultimate in flexibility when sending your email campaigns.

Using the powerful “provider” technology built-in to ByDesign's Advanced Email & News Manager, we've made it easy to send email whenever you want -- automatically and on your schedule.


  • Easy-to-install: Plugs-in and works seamlessly with Advanced Email & News Manager 2.0 and 2.5 (works with the DNN 1.x and DNN 2.x versions of that program).
  • Hourly Schedules: Now you can choose to send emails periodically throughout the day in intervals from as little as 5 minutes to 23 hours and 55 minutes.
  • Daily Schedules: Every XX days or Every Weekday
    Daily Options Screen Shot
  • Weekly Schedules: Schedule emails to send on any day of the week. You can send emails every Monday, every 3 weeks on Thursday and Sunday, or any other combination you can think of.
    Weekly Options Screen Shot
  • Monthly Schedules:
    • Schedule emails to send on the 15th of every month, the 3rd day every other month.
    • Schedule emails to send on the Third Tuesday of every month (or every 3 months)
    • Schedule emails to send on the last weekday of the month
    • Schedule emails to send on the first weekend day of the month
    • Virtually an unlimited number of possibilities are availalble
      Monthly Options Screen Shot
  • Yearly Schedules:
    • Schedule an email to send every year on any specific day of the year (Send Happy New Year's wishes on January 1st, April 1st for April Fools, February 14th for Valentines Day, or any other day)
    • Schedule an email to send on the [First, Second, Thrid, Fourth, or Last] [Weekday, Weekend day, Sunday, Monday, etc.] of [Jan, Feb, March, etc.]
      Yearly Options Screen Shot
  • Timed Emails: Schedule your email to send at a specific hour in the day -- perhaps early in the morning or late at night when your server isn't too busy.
  • Start Schedule On Any Date: Pick any starting date and the scheduler will automatically calculate the next date in your schedule to start sending emails. This also allows you to plan the start of a campaign well in advance.
  • Schedule Ending Flexibility:
    • No schedule ending date -- continue until further notice.
    • Continue for XX Occurences -- Run the schedule for a limited number of times, regardless of dates.
    • Specific End Date -- Plug an ending date in and your schedule will automatically stop by that date.
  • Easy To Use: Modeled after Outlook's recurring scheduler dialog.
Supported Email Manager VersionsEmail Manager version 2.6 is supported.